In November 2012 Rai commissioned 21 Grammi for organizing a contest among 10 artists to realize an artistic free interpretation of the logo of the channels WebRadio  logo channels of Rai. In that way the street art went, for the first time, in the historical Rome Headquarter of Radio Rai via Asiago.
The jury, headed by the artistic Director of the channels, Roberto Quintini, has chosen the panel created by the Roman writer Francesco Smeraldi, better known as “Interno 13”. His work is characterized by a big coloured stencil, portraying a modern Deejay making music, using two ancient gramophones horn.
The panels were realized also by BiodPi, Alessandra Pic, Ironmould, Lucangelo, Mirko Pierri, Korvo, Saqdo, Solo, B., Teddy Killer.
Their works have been exposed, on the occasion of musical broadcast “Via Asiago Live”, at Sala A of the Centro Rai Via Asiago.

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