Veterinary Surgeons without Borders
21 Grammi has planed and organized, for account of VSF Italy in partnership with International VSF, an European context among artists on the occasion of the“ “Peasant Struggles Day”
The goal of the initiative was to disseminate for the general public, through the message of the street art, the engagement of the world community to promote agricultural development in the third world countries.
Each group formed by 10 artists has been kept busy in a very popular area of all the cities participating in the initiative.
The cities participating in the project are: Rome, piazza Sant’Egidio; Francia: Lione, Place des Terreux; Belgio: Bruxelles, Grasmarkt; Czech Republic: Liberec, Zoo:
The Jury:
Meres One-Street artist, New York.
Georgia Bava-Casa d’Aste “Minerva Auctions” (contemporary and modern Art).
Odile Aiottouares-Art Gallery Holder, Paris.
The winner of the public award was Manuela Galati, her work “acrylic acrylic enamels, 4 varieties of rice and love!”.

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