A major international exhibition dedicated to street art took place in Rome in October and November 2012. The original exhibition curated by 21 Grammi saw the presence of more than 50 works, some of them of large size, carried out by Italian and foreigner young artists. The exhibition counted more than 5.000 presences.
BiodPi, with an ironic revisitation of the “Gioconda”, was one of the many artists involved, followed by the Russian couple Zuck with a metaphor between European economic crisis and the fall of Roman Empire.
The exhibition was also the opportunity to proclaim the winner of Urban Contest event officially. The first award was assigned , by 21 Grams, to the work “ The little girl and the Bear” created by Teddy Killer, a young artist born in Peru but always living in Rome: his work shows a stylized image of a little girl caressing a gigantic bear, in shades of red and blue with a large inscription “ONE LOVE”.

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