Urban contest Clip Art is a format on the street art through the voice and images of its protagonists. It is the Urban Contest in video.
It can be noticed technique, message, selected subjects, transmission of the art and going on also portrait of life and experiences where the street artists tell their visions, the meanings and creative urgency put in their works.
Urban Contest is a real micro documentary where the artists get dirty their hands using the tools of their works, colours, materials and the shapes characterizing their style.

The pilot episode has been dedicated to Fabio Della Ratta aka BiodPi, street art coming from Caserta expert in the stencil technique. BiodPi shows his art in front of the cameras turning his thought to the themes and crucial issues relating street art.
Among those ones the research and use of walls where to create, the relationship between the customers and freedom of expression, the relation between street art and legality. BiodPi focuses on the ability to convey messages quickly and serially through that mean especially in big urban centers, so as on the experience of Urban contest; the physical, funny and interesting meeting, with the other artists, the common breath and the desire to express and tell their own art.

Pilot Episode: BiodPi
Gabriele Bondanini and Rocco Schiavone’s idea
Direction Gianluca Durante
Texts by Ivana Antonica

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