“I am Anna Magnani” is the street artist Biodpi’s exhibition (born Fabio della Ratta) produced in 2013, 40 years later great actress’ death. It is a tribute to the symbol of Italian neorealism, undisputed icon of the after war cinema, to her artistic her path, biography, events and myth. The exhibition, produced together with 21 Grammi and Lanificio Factory has been supported by Regione Lazio Department of cultural Policies of Rome Capitale, Rome Libraries and Town Hall V.
Through stencil, decollage, posters and scratches, the artist has reinterpreted Magnani’s myth updating iconography and make it enjoyable to a young public.
The exhibition has presented, in a virtual red carpet, an installation of painted cardboard boxes, leading the visitors in a metaphysical space where streets, suburbs and glimpses taken from planes sequences of her most famous films, mixed with images of Rome today, are emerged.
The exhibition “I am Anna Magnani” has had two other appointments always in 2013: Gaeta in the Art Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art and cinema house in Rome.


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