Urban Breath Project-Take One is one of the winner projects of the proclamation of Rome Creative 2014, the laboratory of ideas that the Department of culture, Creativity and Artistic Promotion-Culture Department of Rome Capitale has promoted a series of initiatives to develop urban regeneration thro[...]

RED(ON)O is the campaign to raise awareness for blood donation required by the Ministry of Health and National Blood Center, the Entity responsible to coordinate the blood System in our country.21 Grammi has made a viral campaign designed to youth based on the spot “ give your blood power. Light t[...]

Biodpi, Diamond, Bifido, and Stencil Noir, four street artists active at international level, have been chosen to promote culture Jazz in the Capital with the aim to create a great “Street-Art-Event” on the occasion of Rome Jazz Festival 2013.An initiative, for its kind and size without preceden[...]

“I am Anna Magnani” is the street artist Biodpi’s exhibition (born Fabio della Ratta) produced in 2013, 40 years later great actress’ death. It is a tribute to the symbol of Italian neorealism, undisputed icon of the after war cinema, to her artistic her path, biography, events and myth. The[...]

Veterinary Surgeons without Borders21 Grammi has planed and organized, for account of VSF Italy in partnership with International VSF, an European context among artists on the occasion of the“ “Peasant Struggles Day” The goal of the initiative was to disseminate for the general public, through[...]

Urban contest Clip Art is a format on the street art through the voice and images of its protagonists. It is the Urban Contest in video.It can be noticed technique, message, selected subjects, transmission of the art and going on also portrait of life and experiences where the street artists tell th[...]

In November 2012 Rai commissioned 21 Grammi for organizing a contest among 10 artists to realize an artistic free interpretation of the logo of the channels WebRadio  logo channels of Rai. In that way the street art went, for the first time, in the historical Rome Headquarter of Radio Rai via Asiag[...]

A major international exhibition dedicated to street art took place in Rome in October and November 2012. The original exhibition curated by 21 Grammi saw the presence of more than 50 works, some of them of large size, carried out by Italian and foreigner young artists. The exhibition counted more t[...]

Urban Contest San Lorenzo took place in Rome from June 1st to August 10th 2012.It saw live performances of 60 artists coming from Italy, Spain, and Russian Federation, realizing a total of 160 works. 400.000 people saw their works realized live on panels OSB, using different materials and the most m[...]

Urban Act is an Understanding Protocol open to citizens, Institutions and private citizens. It aims to increase the value of the artistic potential contained in the graffiti and to contribute to the redevelopment of degraded areas in Rome. Walls where to paint freely and legally but also showcases a[...]
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