It deals with integrated communication and strategic marketing with a full view of everything relating to the design implementation and promotion of events and campaigns.


The actions of 21 Grammi are based on an incontrovertible fact. Today communication is not limited only on the action of information: it means to share emotion and feelings with users consciously. The projects designed take account of all that.

Stand out

The distinguishing features of 21 Grammi are dynamism, passion, skill, curiosity, qualities, speed, processing, reliability, execution, characteristics that have led to the production of a lot of events in collaboration of many Italian Institutions.

21 Grammi has created the Brand Urban Contest

Urban Contest is a container inside which are made cultural and entertainment projects with an attentive and present eye, afterwards become an element of a real community where the followers share interests and life style.
Today Urban Contest is also a free online magazine about Arts, Culture, Lifestyle & News.


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